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My Career as a WordPress Developer in 2016

I wanted to review my career in the year 2016. Since I mostly write about WordPress development, I though of reviewing it as a WordPress developer. There were ups and there were downs, but the most important part is that I have enjoyed being a WordPress developer in 2016.

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WordPress Customizer Flexible List Control

WordPress Customizer is a great tool for users to preview how settings would change their site layout and design. When developing Themes, you should always use the WordPress Customizer. In this tutorial you will learn how to develop a WordPress Customizer custom control for creating flexible lists.

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How to use the Starter Content in WordPress Themes

Starter Content is something introduced in WordPress 4.7. This is a feature that enables you to create the demo content for your theme from the beginning. In this tutorial you will get some insights in it and learn how to set it for your own WordPress theme.

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Control your Widgets with Widget Options

Many of WordPress users would like to control their own widgets and have various widget options to handle that. In this article I will present you a nice plugin called Widget Options.

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MailChimp WordPress Plugin with React: AJAX & React

We can show our MailChimp Form with a widget that we have made in the last tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn how to code the whole interaction with the form using React.

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