How to Become a WordPress Developer

Just started learning WordPress?

Too much to learn all at once? I know how you feel. I've been there. To be honest, several times. It took me more than 5 years of actvie development to be where I am today.

I don't want you to start from point zero. That is just too much work for something you can learn right from your inbox in just 7 days.

Let me send you some emails on different topics that will get you started in just a week.

Topics learned in this email course:

WordPress Environment

Learn about basic environment, IDEs & Editor and installing WordPress.

Codex & Standards

Codex is like a dictionary for WordPress developers & Standards can keep you code in high quality.

Tutorials & Books

I will give you a list of really valuable tutorials (free & premium) & some eBooks.

Plugin API

The WordPress Plugin API is what makes WordPress so extensible. Every Developer should know about it.

Develop Plugins

Learn how to develop plugins with various resources on that topic.

Theme Development

After you learn about plugins, it's time to start developing themes.


Learn how to optimize your plugin, theme or a complete site.

Surprise Lesson

Yep. Actually, I'll give you a bonus lesson but it's a surprise!

Don't need to trust me. Read what others say:


Was great, as usual :) Especially liked the Theme and Plugin development email.

Maaaybe WP security ?

viktoriana kostov


Course content is good. I got to learn different things.

you can add some more examples for few concepts.



For an email course, it was pretty darn good, well done Igor! If you decide to make a video-based course on WordPress development, let me know. I'd be interested in working with you to promote your course through

More depth (examples, videos, quick quizzes, etc) would be great. But it wasn't THAT kind of course -- and you need to keep things light through an email -- I think you did a great job.

Kalob Taulien

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