Don't reject projects with EDD

You don't have to be skilled as Pippin Williamson to customize it.

In less than 2 weeks, I have earned $1,800 by working on a custom solution with Easy Digital Downloads without any prior experience.

I am sure there are developers who have done much more with EDD, but I wanted to learn more about it and see how to create something using that plugin.

I was done rejecting the projects using this plugin. After reading the core of the plugin, I was aware that I can make any solution I imagine with Easy Digital Downloads.

By using the WordPress hooks that are created by EDD, you can customize it to any detail.

Where do I get it?

I don't need any more convincing. I want to learn how to develop with EDD and grow my career even more as a WordPress developer

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Customizing EDD doesn't have to feel "Hacky"

When you started developing, did you ever try to customize something and found that an update has erased everything you have changed? That can happen even to most advanced WordPress developer. Why? Because some plugins are not made extensible.

Pippin Williamson and his team have made EDD pretty extensible. Using actions and filters (WordPress Plugin API), EDD can be customized to any detail you want.

Updates can break it

Don't get me wrong here. Updates can break the plugin or even a complete site. But that is only if you're willing not to follow the "WordPress way". What would happen if EDD gets deactivated? Will your plugin break the site?

How to make your EDD add-on unbreakable?

You can escape most of it just by using the actions and filters provided by EDD. But maybe your plugin is not a solution based solely on EDD. What then?

You need to know how to check every part of your plugin againts EDD and provide a fallback (or maybe nothing). In return, your plugin won't break the site even if it won't provide any value without EDD.

"I am not an Expert"

Well, who is? You don't have to be an expert to use great solutions such as Easy Digital Downloads to create e-commerce solutions.

I was not an expert on my first project with EDD and I still got paid and managed it without any issues. It is very important to follow the "WordPress way" when developing your plugins or just add-ons for other plugins.

Pippin and his team made EDD that way and you should take advantage of that. With it, you can do less and create/earn more.

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