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How to create a WordPress Login Plugin with React

Custom solution and membership site built on WordPress require some custom WordPress login solutions. In this tutorial we will create a WordPress Login Plugin that will use React for processing login. With the help of React, we can have more than 1 widget and each of them will change its appearance when our user logs in.

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How to Create a WordPress Widget with ReactJS and REST API

ReactJS and the WordPress REST API is relatively new. Using the WordPress REST API we can easily create various interfaces that can be even remote and not connected directly to WordPress. With ReactJS we can connect to WordPress and create parts of our website pretty fast. In this tutorial we will create a WordPress widget to retrieve 5 random posts which people can like.

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How to get the Share Counts from Social Media in WordPress

Showing the share count on each article is also the social proof of you. The counts can get your readers to share even more. Creating a simple share count for each article in WordPress can be useful. We will learn how to use PHP and WordPress functions to get the counts for each of our article.

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How to Create a Custom WooCommerce Payment Gateway

WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins for e-commerce in WordPress. Payment gateways are an important part of it to receive payments for your products or to even make refunds if needed. In this tutorial we will create a WooCommerce payment gateway for PayPal using their SDK for PayPal REST.

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How to Host a Giveaway on WordPress using GiveASAP

Giveaway is a great and known method of growing your email list. It is similar to content upgrades which you offer for free in exchange of your visitor’s email. With a giveaway you are giving your visitors a chance to get rewarded for giving their email.

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