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Working with PHP SoapClient

Working SOAP services, with PHP, can be a cumbersome task if you’ve never worked on one. It happened to me. I had a project to estimate for a Shipping service using SOAP.

Tutorials around it were never showing me the information I needed, especially for using the correct namespaces, nested nodes, and such. Collecting information from everywhere and combining the knowledge I got with a bit of research, I was able to form the XML their SOAP service needed.

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PHPQuick Tip

Installing PHP 7.2+ on Mojave 10.14.4

I’ve tried updating my PHP to 7.2 or up on my local Apache server. It did not work at first. I would pause this if I did not work on a project that required the newer PHP Unit. The newer one requires PHP 7.2 or up. These is a short tutorial that will show you how I successfully updated my PHP to 7.2.9.

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