One of the problems in a WordPress Multisite is that you need to find a way to share media across all sites in the Multisite so that you can save space on your server.

Media sharing is already available with a plugin, but featured image is a different story.

Media sharing

Media can be shared across all the sites with a great plugin Network Shared Media.

With this plugin you will get the possibility to share media across all sites in a WordPress Multisite. Just by activating this plugin you can insert media within the editor.

The only problem is that this free plugin does not offer you the possibility to share media even in the featured image area. How to fix that?

Multisite Featured Image

Multisite Featured Image is a plugin that enables you to use the same modal that is used when inserting images or other media within the editor.

With this plugin you will be able to add images from URL and images across all sites if you have installed and activated the Network Shared Media plugin.

This plugin will create everything for you and you do not have to do a thing to enable such feature. If you have a main site where all your media is stored, you can choose it in the settings that are available in the Network dashboard.

In those settings you can even choose to delete all the data when this plugin is deactivated. By using that option, when this plugin is deactivated all the data used by this plugin is deleted from the database and your site will then function as a normal site without a shared featured image.

This plugin is developed so that it also saves all the sizes that are registered, so your theme will function properly with any image size that is requested on the site.


If You have a Multisite which is heavy on the media by combining both mentioned plugins You will get a great solution for sharing media across all sites.

And the best part is, You will get all that for free!

Did you find another solution for this problem? Write your thoughts below in the comments.

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