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Extending the WordPress Media Uploader: Custom Field

WordPress Media Uploader Custom Fields can be used for storing various information. You can create a relationship between other data such as adding users to the picture or writing additional information about the image. In this tutorial we will learn how to add custom fields to the media uploader.

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Media Uploader screen with Article text over it

Extending the WordPress Media Uploader: Introduction

WordPress Media Uploader is a great way for users to add new files to their media library or when creating or editing any custom post type, post or page. In this series of tutorials, I will introduce you into extending the WordPress Media Uploader by adding new fields for data, embed options, sending HTML to the editor and also adding a new tab.

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WooCommerce Stock Management using other Services

WooCommerce Stock Management can be easy when you have digital products or products that are by your side, which you store. But what if the products are stored somewhere else, at a wholesaler or some other service? You will need to get the stock level from the service. In this tutorial, we will look into how this can be done.

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Mobile Phone in Hand

Controlling BuddyPress Private Messages

BuddyPress is a great plugin for having a social network on your site. There are times when BuddyPress Private Messages need to be controlled so that some of your users can’t use them, read them or just send them. In a recent project, I have had the need to disable them for some users.

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Rating Stars with WordPress logo

How to Create a WordPress Rating Plugin for Your Content – Part 2

In this second tutorial we will create the styles and scripts for our WordPress Rating Plugin. It requires those to function and display properly on each page, post or any content type for which we have decided to get ratings.

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