I am a developer, mainly a WordPress developer, and I love to listen to various podcasts while working. I like more business-oriented podcasts that talk about challenges, how something was built and scaled. As someone who is trying to build a plugin business, I love episodes about successes of various plugins.

In this article, I want to introduce you to various podcasts that I listen to while working or driving. I’ll probably list some which I have not listened to (yet) but seem interesting.

I have also tried to somehow categorize podcasts so if you’re looking into specific stuff, you might find it useful. Categorizing podcasts is not easy since all can talk about anything, so if you find something that was not categorized correctly, let me know 🙂

Interview Podcasts

This podcasts are mostly doing interviews with people in the WordPress ecosystem.

  • WP Square One – They’re focused on interviewing people that work in agencies or are in a plugin business,
  • Hallway Chats – Focused on anyone in the WordPress community, be it a more “famous” one or just a new member in the community,
  • WP Round Table – Kyle interviews a lot of people from various companies so you can learn more about them and how they work.

Business Podcasts

This is probably the longest list in this article. Again, any of the listed podcasts could be categorized as a business podcast since people are always talking about something related to running a business 🙂

  • The Get Options Podcast – I’ve recently found out about this podcast. They talk about business in general and WordPress. Also, Kyle has some funny songs,
  • Has Opinions – Daniel and Chris talk about what are their challenges, what they’ve learned and anything that you might find useful if you’re running a business and want to have a normal life :),
  • How I Built It – this might be more of an interview podcast but it’s always focused on running a business or how an idea became a business. Joe does a great job and brings a lot of interesting people,
  • Mastermind – podcast on running a WordPress business,
  • WordPress for SMEs and High-Scale Platforms – Mario Peshev helps you scale WordPress solutions,
  • Selling Plugins – this is a live format podcast/webinar by Brian Hogg and Kyle Maurer. If you’re looking into running a plugin business, this is a must,
  • Matt Report – general and specific advises for WordPress business owners and freelancers,
  • WPMRR – this podcast sometimes interviews someone who is running a business and sometimes Joe and Christie talk about their views on a business topic (a good one was Monthly or Yearly revenue),
  • BobWP WordPress eCommerce – listened to only a few episodes (for now), but they were great,
  • The Admin Bar – I found this one recently and I liked the few episodes I listened to,
  • Build your SaaS – a really interesting one where they share their journey building a SaaS podcast platform.
  • Pressing Matters – a podcast from developers talking about their businesses and interviewing other people in WordPress

WordPress in General

These podcasts are talking about WordPress ecosystem, what has happened in it and what could happen.

  • WordPress Weekly – (deprecated) John and Jeff talk about anything that happened in the past week in the WordPress community,
  • Post Status Draft – a podcast from Post Status where they talk also about anything in WordPress but more focused on interviews.
  • WP Mainline – Jeff with John or Malcom talks (+ guests) about news around WordPress and share their own opinions.

Development Focused

These podcasts are more focused on development topics.

  • Syntax.fm – Scott and Wes are JavaScript developers but even if you don’t work with JavaScript, some of the advises they share are really good for any developer,
  • Practical WordPress Development – Tom McFarlin has started a podcast and it has an interesting structure of the episode,
  • ApplyFilters – (deprecated) This podcast is not running anymore but you can still listen to the episodes.

Interesting Podcasts

Here are some of the podcasts I have yet to listen to. I have put them on the list so you can also hear out about.


I found out by listening to such podcasts, sometimes a new idea sparks in my mind or it boosts my ambition even more so I focus more on my plugin business.

Do you have a podcast (or podcasts) you listen to which I should include in the list above? Share them in the comments below so I can add them here.

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  1. Great list! I would add WPBuilds as well.


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